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July 5, 2009

This one is for friends

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Two of my best friends have become Sarkari Babus. From the past one year I have been advicing, telling, shouting and don;t know what all to do in order to get some better job or become satisfied. And that too to an extent of loosing the friendship of one of them. Well all to no avail but now I feel that it’s good.

In a recessoin hit economy, where everyone is loosing jobs and more importantly vying for those comfortable and secure Government  Sector Jobs, they both have secured one. My dear friend Gurpreet, got through NIC and Abhisht has got through Allahabad Bank as an IT officer, wonder how he got through, haha.

Anyways wishing both of them congrats and luck for the future. Pray that they get all what they desire in life. Amen.


Wake me Up !

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Most of my friends have believe that I can do a lot of things on my own. Well, my view is probably all of us can. But why don’t we do it ?

In the recent past I have always criticised friends for not doing which I think they should be doing, probably most of the times even  they think the same but they don;t do. I had always asked my friends that you guys should also tell me when I go wrong or I am not doing which I should be doing. But, alas none of them did, atleast in the past 3 years.

Why I am blogging this? It’s only for the fact that finally I have found a person who is like me atleast when it comes to work and asking people to do by themseleves rather than doing it for them. The best part is that I don;t get bogged down, many or rather most people would get so because he says it in such a manner, but I get motivated because that’s what I want and tha’s what I have doing to my friends.

Past few days, ever since I started Zapylacz, I was asking him whenever I got stuck. A few times he answered but then he understood he was increasing problems for himself as well as for me. Then one day he wrote a few lines that “Woke ME Up” . I realized that though I could find the solutions myself still I was bugging him for an easy and fast way of getting my problem solved. This is may be correct for a couple of times, but always ? No is the answer and I am glad that I have woken up. Thanks deba for doing this to me. Thanks a ton. Also, my sincere thanks to Honey for the same.

September 8, 2008

Happy birthday to me

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7th sept ’07 i was with friends, celebrations had already started and by the time it was 12 o clock, huge  crowd was waiting at my room-door, all ready to kick my butts. Thrown up in the sky and being kicked everytime I came down. Then the wishes, the phone calls and then the party at our favourite upadhyay ji ka dhaba. This was how it was last year and a couple of years added to it as well.

This year the scenario’s completely different. Moved out of college, at home, not for the best of reasons though, but the way of celebration certainly changed. No friends, no party, nobody ready to kick me and forget the dhaba. The lone similarity was the phone calls, that too a very small number as compared to the ones in college. Morning I woke up with honey’s call/sms only to find that he was missing the same.

It’s all over, college life’s over, boys graduating to men and time to earn your living. Well thats how life is, nothings permanent, its evolution always and we have to adapt accordingly. Hope to see a few friends in the evening, and night calls a for the end of a quiet birthday.

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me !

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