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September 11, 2008

Any humans left alive ?

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Whatever has happened in the last few weeks has prompted me to write this post or rather think why didn’t I become a doctor ? I am an engineer now and my stay at my college in the last few years has given me so many diseases that I have visited as many as 6 doctors ever since I have returned home.

Well that’s not the frustrating part if you are thinking, actually the amount of uncertainty all these doctors have created in my mind made me think that I should have been a doctor. The problem is not that a person has some disease, the problem is that he’s not diagnosed with the correct problem and a wrong medication may worsen his problem. The doctors I think have lost the credibility and most of them exist only to mint money. Yeah I use the word mint because the heavy fees they charge is not exactly what they deserve but totally a profit they make from someone’s helplessness. In all these days I have had wrong diagnoses, wrong medicines and you won’t believe that I had been wearing the wrong lenses since the last four years. These shops are also making by fooling the people. To add to that when I got my eyes tested again and ordered for a new pair of lenses, I am told by the shopkeeper that he’ll day one more day since the lenses made were not correct. Ideally a customer would increase faith in the shopkeeper thinking that he’s getting it correct himself but guess what when he handed the new pair to me, I straight away went to my doctor again and to my disbelief even the latest pair was incorrectly made. Wow! why don’t they shut their shops and sit quietly at home, earning by making a fool out of the people will only earn them curses and they’ll suffer later in their lives. Its their choice though, earn more and suffer more or have the less of both the things.

Some time ago I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney, a normal problem, many people have it. But the amount of money it took to diagnose those two stones was unimaginable. One doctor said there are no stones, other said there might be and by the time the stones were found, I had spent a whopping 8000 rupees out from my dad’s pocket. Shame on these doctors, A doctor was called the second to GOD as he could lives, but what have they become now ??

Are there any humans left on earth now ? Or its only the money left alive ?


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