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April 21, 2008

Pink Slip, a blessing in disguise!

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Ever since I’ve heard about the pink slip syndrome I was thinking that people will start losing jobs and many of them might land up nowhere. I even read a post on gurpreet’s blog and thought that this is not right or not for the good at least.

Then I was talking to abhisht yesterday when I realized the other side of the coin, a thing which I guess I should have noticed earlier. With the rate the slips are being issued, the day is not far when there will be only useful people in the IT industry.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. 10 years ago what was the IT industry? Not many wanted to join it, not much prospects, no growth and no parent would suggest their child to join the field.
Now 10 years down the line, what’s the picture ?every passing out graduate wants a job in an IT company, reason…..good money, growth, an opportunity to go abroad and may be some other reasons, which I am unable to sight.

Now all of a sudden there’s a slump in the industry. Students finding it hard to find jobs, those who have the offers, not getting the joining dates. People being thrown out of industry give me just one impression now,

you must be incapable of holding that place

. And the reason for the IT industry going down is because of this useless crowd eating up salaries for actually doing nothing. Pink slip being handed over simply denotes that only the worthy crowd will survive and will get those hefty pay packets which until now even the garbage crowd is getting.

The reason I see it as a blessing is because I have always been in favour of people who actually work. Spending time with the useful stuff will make us more competent, more organized and will not let the zeal to learn new things, die.

This was the reason why I still love being the only CS student to be recruited for iGate from my college.

So if you want to avoid being handed over the pink slip, its better start working hard, because some other guy just might end up taking over your place.


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