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September 28, 2008

Abhinav Sahai shown the exit door on communication skills

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It may sound like I rate Sahai very high but I just couldn’t avoid writing this as it left me completely shattered and shell shocked. Yeah, Abhinav Sahai was asked to leave from the hall after he was not fit or did not score the required on the communication skill graph.

A looooooo….ong (maybe even more longer) as a 10 hour waited ended in just 20 seconds and all dreams lost in a flash. I cancelled my return ticket to home a few days back when I got an sms from Monster that Steria was conducting a walkin interview in its office on the 27th of this month. I decided to stay at ranu bhaiya’s place till then and enquired about the company. Found it good enough and was happy that finally some big company was conducting a walkin. Was confident and had already thinking that what joining date would I choose, where would I stay and all such stuff. That wasn’t over confidence I must mention. Sahai is normally never over confident though he does seem under confident sometimes. I guess thats what happened.

26th night he was busy preparing for the interview, little had he though that he wouldn’t be able to even appear for the interview. 27th morning as his elder brother had asked him, he reached the centre 1 hour before the scheduled time, but to no avail as the management was pathetic over there. Not much mentioning about it, I’d only say that he could only get entry after a wait of some 9 and a half hours at 6:30 in the evening. By then all the energy had drained off, shirt gone awry and awfullly smelling of sweat. Couldn’t help, thanks to the great management, which again I wouldn’t discuss.

Anyways got inside and had a sigh of relief, had water etc after which we were taken to the cafetaria where the energy came back within minutes. A tall, heavy personality was already seated there. He told us that

since we didn’t expect such a big crowd to turn up so we’ve decided to hold an elimination round before the interview. The round will check the communication skills of the candidates, his pronounciation and his fluency etc. The reason for this was that we have almost 99% of our clients overseas and the candidates need to talk to them, for which we hire people who can understand them.So I need all of you to tell us in 20 secs ‘why you wish to work for Steria ?

I straightaway started thinking about the reason and frankly telling couldn’t think of one till quite late ! Finally I thought of something and went there to utter my answer. When I finished I was shocked to hear what that man said, “Thank you Abhinav, you may please leave now”. For a few seconds I thought I heard him incorrectly. Without thinking and still in the state of shock, I picked up my bag and left the hall. Was asked to wait in the lobby before the security took me to the exit door. I walked almost a kilometre or maybe even more before I hired a rickshaw to bhaiya’s place. Its been around 5 hours since that incident but I am still unable to get out of it actually. Talked to a couple of friends, both of whom were in total disbelief and were saying that I was kidding, wish I was kidding and ofcourse bhaiya, ofcourse everybody trying to pacify me but all to no avail. Lets see how quickly I get out of this.

All I can say is that my phuphaji was right, this is your bad phase and it will take 3-4 months to pass. Till today I never believed in things like “bad phase” or “din hoga to nikal jaega” but today I am bound to change my perception. Though I have just one thought in my mind, “Something even bigger is waiting for me !”


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