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September 11, 2008

Live your dreams, only then can you ROCK ON!

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Finally after 3 months I managed to watch a movie, thanks to ginni. It all happened in a jiffy, he made a call and I said to get ready in a few minutes and off we went. Had already heard and read already about the movie and was lucky to go. Oh by the way I watched Rock On!

No need to tell how the movie was, just one line, if you a youth and still haven’t watched it, you have missed something, but its still not too late. Scintillating music, mind blowing performances and probably Farhan Akhtar showing why he’s earned so much respect in this short period of four movies. Guess someone should show the movie to Himesh Reshammiya, maybe he’ll understand why he can never be a good actor or earn that name which farhan’s achieved in just a tenth, maybe even less, of films himesh’s associated with.

As i watched the movie my old belief that you won’t be happy until you follow your dreams, is strengthened again. Do what your heart says, just go for it. This world will pull you back and bring you back almost to the ground. Everyone has dreams but its only those who avoid hitting the ground and being pulled back, get that feeling. Earning money is not everything, and neither not having it is. While leading a happy life, that’s what life is all about. And that can only happen if we do what our heart wants, not what our mind our this cruel or rather foolish world wants.

Do what you believe in and what you like, comprises are ok sometimes but not always. If you feel so then I guess you are sure to lead a happy life.

Believe in your dreams, infact live them only then you can ROCK ON !


June 19, 2008

Sarkar Raj : really govinda govinda govindaahhhh !

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Its all about power, thats what message RGV wants to convey by making the Sarkar series. After much criticism from his last movie, the Sholay remake, one must admit, he’s come back strongly, very strongly indeed. An immaculate mixture of Power, Respect, Love, Hatred, Emotions, Betrayal, Brains, Smartness, Sympathy, Selfishness, Selflessness, Expectations, Desires, Attitude, Game and above all POLITICS. Nothing seemed to be over or exhaustive. Beautiful direction supported by good cinematography, editing, to the mark stunning music and above all the power packed performances by the star cast, basically the Bachchans make the movie a lethal combination. A perfect blend of something which you need to watch in order to know for yourself. But mind it, you need to have a liking for slow, dark movies with all those family drama and songs shot at exotic locations ABSENT. If Sarkar showed some way that movies can be directed with keeping all audience in mind, and not for a particular genre.
Amitabh and Abhishek once again proved to be a deadly combination with all those talking between them done with the eyes itself. The expressions, the stares, the “one-line” answers (only one words in some case)…..simply awesome.
If somebody’s a superpower in Mumbai then its got to be Sarkar(Amitabh) and with son Shankar following suite, it gives him enough respect and popularity, in just a little over two years, what took the Sarkar a lifetime to earn. Taking his father’s footsteps, he does everything and takes all decisions all by himself, and does not consult his dad even before firing Chander, his father’s most “vafadar sevak” who’d been around for 20 long years. In the end its mindgames that rule as Sarkar loses his son, bahu along with the to be born grand child and terms his deeds as the cause of all.
Anyways though from the ending it seems that Aishwarya was the temporary replacement of Shankar but it would be Chiku, his grandson from the Sarkar’s elder son, who would be ruling if Sarkar:3 is to released. I hope and really want Ramu to do that and so would all those people who love to watch politics and mindgames being played. Eagerly waiting…

April 26, 2008

Hats off for this new generation of directors

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In the recent past I have seen two movies both made by first timers. Both of them had one thing in common, they took our attention towards somewhere we never thought over. How to treat people with diseases.
Whenever someone suffers from pain, the first thing he needs is not medicine but sympathy instead. The movies I am talking about are Taare Zameen Par, by Amir Khan and second one being U,Me aur Hum by Ajay Devgan. While the first introduced us to Dyslexia, the latter with Alzheimer. In both the cases, the average individual is unaware of the symptoms or its effects.
What was good to see that both these directors stressed on more humane treatment rather than the doctoral one. People believe in the medicinal treatment, which has nothing wrong in it but in diseases like the ones sighted in the movies need more of “out of the doc treatment”. And the case in not restricted to the above cases, it holds with many other diseases. Expressing your love and care is equally important as the medicinal part, and in some cases even more demanding.
Found it really great that this new generation of actors turned directors think out of the box, especially Amir. Just hope that movies like these will our Hindi film industry places and to new heights. Proud to be a part of it by not watching pirated movies. Please do do the same. Don’t watch pirated movies else you will be kicking someone’s stomach and be bereft of such good movies in the future. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

April 25, 2008

Apna Jeena to ….. TASHAN MEIN

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The first thing I heard from my seniors when I came to college was “Bahut Tashan hai tere andar, kanpur ka hai kya ?” Not limited to one or two, but every other guy who did not belong to kanpur had these words for most of the kanpurites. At that instance of time I never understood what they meant. I was just being normal, the way I already was and not at all showing even a little bit of attitude. Just overheard what they said and ignoring them.
Today after 4 years of my, counting my last days in college I got a chance to understand what they exactly meant. Tashan, a movie released today, a masala movie, not enjoyed by many proved that I was ignorant of this nation known fact, that Kanpurites actually have a lot of tashan, hopefully attitude, style and whatever they do they do it with tashan. They are clever and quite bad, “chalak and harami“, as he said. The movie actually having nothing in it, I guess was made only kanpurites in mind, only they could relate the places, streets, the cinema halls, the emotions…..and and in the end the TASHAN.
Go watch it for Kareena, looking damn sexy after shedding a lot of weight and maybe a bit of Akshay. Rest I guess the action director was a little impressed by the Rajnikant flicks but thankfully not much. Some cool locations and maybe you might like the songs if you enjoy faltu tracks…
Well personally I enjoyed, being a Kanpurite, not applying my brains, and being there with so many guys always makes it entertaining. Afterall,


August 14, 2007

Beautiful direction can overcome a weak storyline

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Before even entering the theater I knew what would I be feeling at the end of the movie and what would my friends be thinking. Quite obviously I was fascinated by the movie while my friends, barring one, were shouting like anything.That was primarily because of the pace of the movie rather than the movie as a whole.
Gandhi, My Father is a film showing the other side of Gandhi and thus endorsing the fact in which the gen-next believes, Gandhi was not a “mahatma”.
The film is a great portrait of a fairly weak storyline which shows Gandhi’s eldest son, Harilal, quite a foolish person who always got washed away in the people’s rain and ended up making up his life a total failure and in the process losing his wife and kids to poverty.
Though the story has nothing much to be told about, the film deserves much applause for the way it has depicted the Gandhian period. The actors, especially the Gandhi husband and wife have throughout managed to look the age they are actually depicting, right from age 20 to the same number deducted from 100. I must mention the make up artistes have done a remarkably wonderful job. Full marks to them for making people look like they should be. While Anil Kapoor makes a significant debut in the film as a director, I would say it would be better if he’d continue as a director only in the industry.

August 2, 2007

Do you wanna partner ??….Yes, I do want..

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Well a David Dhawan movie after such a long time with his favourite Govinda and Salman meant it all the way that the film would be worth a watch atleast. And thats what iy proved to be. Though never had I thought that I would be shelling out and hundred and twenty bucks for a Govinda movie but I thought the other way round of doing it for the other two or infact 4 I should say, that includes David, Salman and the two beautiful ladies who have looked even more marvellous than ever before. Well after seeing Katrina in Namastey London I had thought that she can’t look better than this, and yes she hasn’t looked better but yes she’s no less also. As far as the other lady is concerned I must say if anyone missed the Miss Universe paegent when she won then you have another chance of doing so. Yes Lara has looked as gorgeous as she looked at the title night. The best thing about her was that if she looked damn sexy in the western clothes then she looked a perfect dreamwife in the Indian outfits. I had always been admiring her beauty especially in the Indian clothes but recently day after day it seems she’s grown even more amazing.
Well before I start sailing in her praise I must admit the movie is full of nonsense comedy, a thing which we’ve missed from some time now. It’s for us to put our mind away and stop thinking and just laugh for a little over two hour movie. Though Govinda, as usual, has over-reacted in most scenes but I guess that’s what he does best and so no complains about it. Salman is busy showing of his well toned body, probably he’s done some extra exercises for this one but he manages to carry it of very well on his spanky cars and the bikes too. And one thing more one could note in him was his much improved dance, though he’s thanked Govinda for it but yes it seems Salman has got away with those lazy dances and performed his steps very well. Rajpal Yadav, true to expectations, has done some idiotic stuff and well supported by the background music as well. I you remember the Fanaa kid, then there’s news that he’s done a cute job once again, helping both the men get their or as they said, “My love”.
Getting back to ladies, since Bollywood includes them for the song and dance numbers most of the time, Katrina’s been there for that only. Lara has been asked to show some of her acting skills, which ofcourse she’s done to perfection. Don’t forget to take a look at her expressions especially.
I think actions speek louder than words so its better to watch the movie for yourself rather than wasting your time reading this. Go, find your partner !!!

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