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July 6, 2008

Its getting better and closer!

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Its 48 points apiece for Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. I coudn’t believe my eyes when I saw that. Just logged on Formula1 site to see this

Flawless Hamilton triumphant at sodden Silverstone

Well I read in the morning newspaper that he wasn’t ther in the front two rows in the starting grid and was happy that one the Ferrari men was. But wa surprised to see the podium pic having no body from the red team.  With each progressing race the title championship is getting hotter. Man I just wish I could watch all those races LIVE! Well thats the loss you pay when out for some work. Anyways hope to see this title end very sportingly and in favour of my Red’s.

Hamilton\'s at his best!


June 25, 2008

F1’s becoming interesting again..thanks to Schumaker

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This what the official formula1 site shows.


01 F.Massa 1:31:50.245
02 K.Räikkönen +17.9 secs
03 J.Trulli +28.2 secs
Fastest Lap
K.Räikkönen 1:16.630
Pole Position
K.Räikkönen 1:16.449

Well though the race had Kimi at the pole position again, but I guess it was something else that ruled the winners list. Technical faults in his car handed him a second place in the French GP and made Massa the winner, thus strengthening his position at the top of the table in the driver list. With Kubica in the second place I guess it’s becoming difficult for Kimi to grab that lead position again. I just hope that he wins the British GP coming up with Kubica someway far behind.

Lets see who’s winning that one, though practice sessions show Massa’s again leading the pack. Well, ever since Schumaker’s left the race tracks each year the competition is getting tougher and more interesting. Thanks to him for making F1 again interesting and worth watching.

Ferrari\'s Felipe Massa-the winner

April 28, 2008

Wow ! Its Kimi again

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The last time I posted something about F1 had Kimi winning the race, and today after quite some time when I feel like sharing with you its Kimi again who’s won the race, this time the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.
Last year world champion,a God gifted championship, Kimi this year though is leading from the front early this season only with having already two wins under his belt and consolidating his points lead to 9 points ahead of the most dangerous competitor Brit Lewis Hamilton.
With this pace and great combination of teamwork with Ferrari, I guess it would be very difficult for Lewis to overtake him in the championship. And if he goes on to win the championship again this time, then he will straightaway shut his critics’ mouth, who always claim that his last year championship title was not his.
All the best to Kimi and Ferrari and of course congrats for your flawless win. Cheers!
Kimi\'s Crossing the Chequered Flag

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