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June 10, 2008

This world is really great !

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June 7th, IPEC, attended a seminar/workshop on Open Source organized by the ILUG-D. Wow yaar, it gives me that great feeling everytime I attend something like that. What was even better was the way we were treated by the faculty and other biggies of the industry. Feels great meeting those people and even better when they praise us infront of someone else. Met some heavy personalities of academics, industries and entrepreneurs.
Should not say but forget the IPEC faculty even faculty from my own college who never gave us any respect in RKGIT was too amazed as well too friendly too us. Our CS HOD who never talked to us with a straight mouth in the college was shaking hands with us. Those who know him must be thinking that this is not possible but believe me my friends this happened.
That meeting after so many days with Triveni sir, Kishore, Andrew Sir got me motivated again to work for the open source society and the student welfare. Even met the CSI-Gzb chapter Secretary Mr. Vijay Rastogi and had quite fruitful talks with him.
This open source world is really great and gives me immense pleasure being a part of it. Hope I soon join it professionally as well so that I become a permanent member of this culture even at workplace. Cheers for the open source world!


May 14, 2008

Its Manchester United again….yipee

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The official Manchester United LogoIts celebration time as my favourite club Manchester United wins the English Premier League for the second year consecutively, its tenth title. After quite some time did the title race go upto the final day of the premiership. Till the penultimate both Man Utd and Chelsea were tied on the same points, though Chelsea were far behind on goal difference. Man Utd just needed to equal Chelsea’s result in their final match. But, they showed they are the real champs. While Chelsea tied their game against Bolton Wanderers, Manutd won 2-0 against Wigan Athletic. A penalty by CHristiano Ronaldo and a late winner netted in by captain Ryan Giggs did them in and won the title comprehensively by a difference of two points and not on just goal difference. Alex Fergusson showed once again that why he’s been titled ‘SIr’.

Its now all set for the Champions League where the two again meet in the semifinals to find out who the real champ is….this time in the entire europe.

The Team Celebrations

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