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September 4, 2008

“Is desh ka kuch nhi ho sakta”

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This is what supreme court”, India’s apex judicial body had to say about our country some days back. its true, 100% fact and there’s no one who can change that. India has been a developing country and the fact is that it will always remain a developing country. There’s no force which can change that. The way which our neta’s rule here, will never let this country grow.

I was trying to keep myself away from blogging since some days but things happening again and again compelled me to write over here. whatever be the case, be it the Kashmir issue, the Singur thing or the Bihar floods. all problems have been created by these idiot neta’s and the sufferers are the general masses. I was totally amazed by the fact that jammu was burning, people not ready to stay in their homes despite curfew and trying to bay away the police, all for the sake of a piece of land which nobody had a clue whom it belonged to and what was the change that was being imposed! a couple of days back i saw people celebrating in jammu, why, because the amarnath shrine land issue had been resolved. Oh! I thought there might have been some good decision that everyone would be benefiting from. When I read the entire article I came to know that the land issue stays where it was. the 2004 judgement stated that the land would be given to the shrine board during the pilgrim days temporarily each year.

After hundreds of people dying, lakhs of property being burnt, and above all the month long chaos created in the state, they celebrated and guess what made them celebrate, this judgement– “the land would be given to the shrine board during the pilgrim days temporarily each year”. Can you believe it ? I have actually copy-pasted the judgement line from the
previous para ! The judgement remains the same but people think the issue has been resolved, what a way to fool people.  The union home minister, the hurriyat leaders, the chief minister, the governor(being changed during this period), the opposition and a bunch of other crooks generated that condition that people became enemies and all for the benefit of their personal images ! Wow, what a country, a country where’s no one’s for no one or I should say every man for himself, people fighting for some one’ else’s land which remains as it was. Not a single individual knows the reason but they want the verdict to be changed, which actually they don’t even know. Amazing.

The second case, the bihar floods, the situation went out of hands about 15 days back itself, when it was told that the dam would break. Each news channel shows different stages and places of neglect by various people from all cadre, ranging right from the labourers to the home minister. Well the real situation will never be known, but gathering all those news info’s i can say that if these floods will occur each and every year. out of 80 crore sanctioned to the state for the resurrection of the dam, only 35 lakhs being used ! Phew ! man 79 crore, 65 lakhs missing? can someone believe it ! i cannot for sure, “are yar khaane ki bhi koi limit hoti hai ?” what sort of a country we live in?

the third issue that compelled me to write this article is the singur issue. mamata bannerjee, starts opposing the tata plant, the day it was declared. there are bandhs, strikes, firing, people being killed and N number of other agitations, still the plant goes on. No action being taken uptil now by the government or the Tata’s. The day the production has to start, all of a sudden the violence increases. Mamata refuses to talk, says will talk only after the land is returned to the farmers. A couple of days into production the plant gets a lock and tata’ start thinking of alternatives. The loss in case the plant gets a shutdown, 200 crore for the tata’s ( a minor amount compared to his wealth as well as the benefits he’s been offered from the other states on setting up the plant in their state). Forget that loss what about this : 4000 factory workers to lose their jobs, thousands of lakhs of rupees being invested by the smaller industries being setup in order to supply materials to the tata’s. Who’s to be blamed for this ? AS the factory gets the lock, all of a sudden mamata is ready to talk, even though the land has not been returned? Why? Wasn’t that you wanted? She wanted tata’s to pull back the project, when they decide to do so, she says she’s open for talks! “Waah re mere desh k neta?” everybody knows, with elections down the cards you wanna become a public figure claiming that you are fighting for the farmers. Oh my country people, i beg to say that don’t get into this game created by dirty politicians. They’ll will either way, the losers are WE, the “aam aadmi“.

And the best part is in the end everyone has the guts to say “I love my India”. Shit man, how could you even say that! Hail my country, hail my neta’s and hail my countrymen. Truly yours.


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