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June 28, 2008

Too many tweets !

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Ever since I’ve been using Twitter, its been like something I never thought of. “What are you doing”, thats what they say and I sounds perfect too. But so many people doing so many things at the same time that they wish to tell everybody ! Phew. I logged into twitter just now and found that it was down, and on enquiring I found that it often has been down. This is what it shows.

While I was about to blog this I recalled that in the past 15 minutes I recieved 3 tweets and all of them personalised, addressed to someone for a specific task. If I had been there I guess I should have smsed or called for that matter in order to get those tasks done, why bug everybody unnecessarily. I dont know what I think is write or wrong but gives me the feeling that ethically it should be the case. Anyways this world is full of unethical people especially those earning the most amounts of money so its no point in complaining. Hope twitter improves soon or else it would lose traffic because of traffic.

Twitter down again


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