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October 27, 2008

Its all in the environment

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How many of you have had your boss’ sitting next to you with a hand on your shoulder and asking “aaj kya laye ho khane me ?” or changed his route on way to home  and dropped you home after a party?? Or the PM in your company asking you to get more of food so that everybody can eat or making fun of every single post on the technical mailing list?? These are just a few points I mentioned to describe the environment in my office.How many of us feel like going to office? Or let me ask how many keep waiting for that friday in office and just wish that monday never comes?? Well the scenario at srijan is different, people willingly coming on saturdays and sometimes even on sundays to the office. They dont wait for the weekend and want that monday to come. This is because of the environment that is present at Srijan. When I came for an interview, I was asked a question what kind of a work environment do you expect and I had no answers just that people should be helping and supportive. After spending some 10 days at Srijan now I understand what that question meant !

Open source is about freedom and truly if that’s how companies adopting the open source work then I guess I will not like to leave such an environment for whatever money is on offer.  In these 10 days I have been asked by many people what is the package and scope and things like that, but to each of one I have answered their questions and added one answer from myself, I am loving the work. Nice technologies, good clients and the best part the WORK CULTURE at Srijan is just terrific.

I had thought of writing this but was not getting time or I should say was behaving in a lazy manner but this blog post at my company’s official blog motivated me enough to finally pen it down here. Thanks to everybody at Sriajn.


October 21, 2008

Got the BIGGER thing ! Cheers

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I have been dying to write this and finally found time after exactly a week. My previous post was a result of a disappointment but it ended with a positive message “Something even bigger is waiting for me !” and thats exactly what has happened in my life.  Last tuesday I went to Srijan for an interview with much fright in my mind than for any other interview as I knew I could be torn apart in terms of technical knowledge. But also had the confidence of my strong profile.

Well I had sessions/interviews with 3 people and was then asked to leave with the message that I would be intimated in a few days time. Then suddenly I was asked to wait and then after a long wait they said “OK, when can you join us? ” I was so thrilled that without even realising anything I said TOMORROW. It was only later when I came back to my cousin’s place that I did not even have clothes to wear !!! Just had two pair of formals out of which 1 I was already wearing ! I was so excited that I left even without taking the offer letter. It was only when I was called back, could I collect the letter.

Srijan, a company working using the open source tools. I had always dreamt of joining such a company as I never wanted to go to the inferior proprietery world. People with no knowledge making pathetic pieces of softwares and undeservedly getting more money. Thats why I was never thought of joining iGate Global Solutions, the company that offered me a campus offer, me being the lone CS guy selected from my college and being one of the 54 selected from a whopping 1300 students.

Well, my happiness not ended with the Srijan offer letter, I was even more happy when I met the people here and saw the work culture. It’s not one of those where you need to carry your ID all the time, need to swipe them in order to get in and stay quiet when inside the office. It was like maggi tomato ketchup (boss, its different! ) No need of carrying Id’s, no coffee machine at the corner of a large hall, no sitting at your place for the entire day, no need to unnecessarily talk in english, no horrifying bosses or trainers, though I still fear Atul sir, the person who helped me out with the work the first dew days and no bakwas, in short masti@work. And the best part being flexible work timings, man made chai at your place and and and you could even workd from your home if you are not well or for some genuine reasons like that, provided you actually WORK. I was asked by Hari sir what do you mean by a good environment, now I understand what that is! I am really glad to be in between intellectuals and so talented people and at the same time such great collegues. See I said na, “Something even bigger is waiting for me !”

June 14, 2008

It works !

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Aaaaahhhh! Gives you immense feeling when you see something like this. After hours of hard work and a deep study of the documentation when I could see my first “Hello World” program in PHP, I thought to express my happiness before moving ahead with it. Well those of you who know PHP must be thinking how damn easy it is and what took me so long to do it. Arghh, it was just something like not knowing what mistake I was committing and hence was unable to find the solution. Anyways its working now and I dont wanna waste any time before moving ahead. Wishing my self all the best, its time to do some coding.

April 24, 2008

The feel good mantra , keep working

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History repeats itself…….2 years ago I did it and it happened again yesterday. I tried installing Linux on my system and ended up losing the entire data and in the process winduhs too….which anyways I would have removed. Good that it all happened on its own.

Since that time I have been busy installing packages and trying to run the wifi on my system. Also I made an unsuccessful attempt to run Nilabh’s external hard disk. I started around 3 pm in the afternoon and first moved my sight off from the screen at 7. Wow, I just loved that. Though the end results are not very fruitful, as I both my tasks went unaccomplished, the wifi and the hdd things, but what I liked was that I enjoyed those 4 hours to the max. Googling around and asking friends and then everyone unable to fix the problems only gave me the impression that I am not that bad.

Well those who might be thinking that I am useless, I must tell that the hard disk would never work because of hard disk constraints on my system. my buddha system, which I figured out and the wifi solution seems to be heading the right direction, just a matter of time I fix it.

I guess old days are back. I just love working…….too good. Going back to enjoy

November 4, 2007

Wow ! As simple as that …

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Sessionals from tomorrow. Well for almost everyone in the college it means study time. But some crazy people like me and Honey in the college, it simply indicates that its time to switch to maximum downloading and best time to finishing up your pending tasks. Often the speed goes up to 300 kbps, a rare sight otherwise.

Well this time I took it to do something which, before doing it actually, I regarded as a herculean task. As soon I asked Honey about it, he responded and I was able to import my blogger account in a flash. This, thought to be magnanimous task, actually didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Seems great isn’t it ??

What this means is that I can return to blogging again, as blogspot was not accessible in the college campus, which holds the majority of my readers. All I wish to say is: Happy blogging Sahai !

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